Designed in LA and Made to Live In.
A person with long brown hair stands posing against a plain light background. They are wearing a sage green long-sleeved henley shirt, Xirena Sand Draper Pant, and beige slip-on shoes. With a relaxed posture and one hand in their pocket, they exude the effortless charm of a Scottsdale bungalow resident.
A woman with long dark hair stands against a plain beige background, reminiscent of a cozy Scottsdale bungalow. She wears a light pink shirt with rolled-up sleeves, Xirena's bright orange Punch Draper Pant, and pink sandals with decorative beading. She has her hands in her pockets and gazes at the camera.
A person with long, wavy hair stands against a beige background reminiscent of a chic Scottsdale bungalow. They are wearing a loose-fitting White Palmer Tee by Xirena, tucked into high-waisted white pants. The outfit is accessorized with a belt and layered necklaces, exuding relaxed and confident vibes.
A person with long brown hair stands in front of a beige background reminiscent of a Scottsdale, Arizona bungalow. They are wearing a light cream-colored Sand Channing Shirt by Xirena, slightly tucked into light blue jeans with a colorful striped belt peeking out. They have a calm expression and a relaxed posture.
A young woman wearing a Xirena Black Channing Shirt and blue jeans, standing against a light beige background typical of an Arizona bungalow. She has long wavy hair and is accessorized with a simple necklace.