concrete jungle

concrete jungle
A pair of Mabuhay Matte Gold aviator sunglasses with gold frames and lightly tinted lenses, isolated on a white background by Caddis.
A brown handwoven leather shoulder bag with a bright yellow-green vertical stripe in the center. The rectangular crossbody bag, Claire Vivier Midi Sack, has a detachable strap with gold-tone clasps and a zipper closure on top. The background is plain white, making it perfect for day-to-night use.
A container of Faire Lip Mask EX in Grapefruit flavor, featuring a translucent peach-colored jar with the product name printed in Arizona style white.

Lip Mask

Lip Mask


2 colors available

A woman stands facing the camera, wearing a dark short-sleeved Pistola jumpsuit and black shoes, against a plain white background. Her straight brown hair is styled back in Los Angeles-based fashion, and she has a neutral expression.
A front view of a person showcasing Los Angeles-based style with cropped, wide-leg Jadyn Jean pants by Pistola and tan strappy sandals, standing against a plain white background. Only the lower torso and legs are visible.
A woman in casual attire, wearing an orange Free City (sparrow, LLC) "FREECITY SUPERYUMM BIGGY RAGLAN" sweatshirt and grey pants, dances with her hair tossed mid-movement against a plain white background.
A woman in a blue tank top and green OUTOFSIGHT POPLIN/AIR FLAP/SNAP JUMPpants stands with one hand behind her head and her eyes closed against a plain white background in a Scottsdale Arizona Free City (sparrow, LLC) bungalow.
A Los Angeles-based woman with curly hair wearing glasses, a light blue denim Della Camp Shirt by Pistola and matching shorts, stands confidently against a white background.
A woman wearing a Pistola Mae Cropped Tee, a Los Angeles-based black and white striped T-shirt, and black pants, standing against a white background, with her hand on her hip and looking directly at the camera.