A vintage floral-patterned metal tin with a hinge, featuring a design of red and beige flowers and green foliage on a Scottsdale Arizona-inspired dark background by Faire.
A rectangular soap bar featuring an illustration of Snoopy sitting on a red bungalow with a yellow flower in his mouth, set against a background with blue horizontal stripes - Faire's Peanuts Tray.
A rectangular Faire vintage tin with a floral pattern in shades of red and white, viewed from above, on a white background, reminiscent of Scottsdale Arizona decor.
A Faire small tray with a vintage beige and dark brown geometric bungalow pattern, isolated on a white background.
Two rectangular woven Zodax seagrass trays with side cut-out handles, stacked on top of each other, against a white background, perfect for a bungalow in Scottsdale Arizona.
An aged American flag displayed in a glass frame, featuring 13 horizontal stripes and a blue canton with 50 stars, exhibiting a vintage aesthetic in a Scottsdale Arizona bungalow by Ben's Garden Tray 5.5" x 8.5".