A beige, fluffy, irregularly shaped rug resembling a luxurious sheepskin-inspired piece. Made from undyed wool, it boasts a soft and shaggy texture with a dense pile. The Woolable Sheepskin Rug by Lorena Canals has natural and wavy edges, enhancing its organic and eco-friendly appeal.
A Loloi Rugs Bark / Multi Rug featuring a weathered design in shades of brown and beige, with abstract, faded patterns throughout the surface, enhancing its Arizona-style appeal.
A textured Loloi Rugs area rug featuring a faded pattern with hints of terracotta and beige on a grey background, bordered by a narrow dark edge, perfect for a Scottsdale, Arizona bungalow.
A Brick / Multi rug with an ornate traditional pattern in shades of beige and brown, inspired by the bungalow style of Scottsdale, Arizona, displaying symmetrical floral motifs and intricate border designs. Made by Loloi Rugs.
A detailed, vintage-style Sage / Navy Rug in muted beige, blue, and gray tones featuring intricate traditional patterns typical of Scottsdale, Arizona, with a distressed finish. The Loloi Rugs's edges are bounded, accentuating its rectangular shape.
A textured Ocean / Sand Rug displaying a faded, intricate pattern with shades of blue, beige, and brown, resembling a vintage style typical of a Scottsdale Arizona bungalow by Loloi Rugs.