A woman in a dark blue sweatshirt and Perfectwhitetee Graham Waffle Shorts stands confidently in front of a beige bungalow, wearing white sneakers with blue accents.
A woman wearing Mother's The Hustler Patch Pocket Flood white sleeveless top and white high-rise bootcut pants, standing sideways, looking over her shoulder. She has short black hair and is wearing black heels.
A woman stands confidently wearing a stylish white and red graphic jacket over a T-shirt, paired with the CIRCA'99 OG LETSGO OLDSCHOOL POLYBLEND/FLUFF sweat sweatpants marked "LET'S GO" in black letters, and black slip-on shoes, against a plain background.
A person with long brown hair stands posing against a plain light background. They are wearing a sage green long-sleeved henley shirt, Xirena Sand Draper Pant, and beige slip-on shoes. With a relaxed posture and one hand in their pocket, they exude the effortless charm of a Scottsdale bungalow resident.
Person stands against a plain background, wearing a beige halter top, Citizens Of Humanity/AGOLDE pina low rise baggy crop in chalk, and black sandals. One hand is in the pocket of their vintage fit jeans with button fly while the other arm hangs by their side. Face is not visible.
A person stands wearing Perfectwhitetee's Rivers Waffle Wide-Leg pants and a long-sleeve white top, with a bungalow-style beige backdrop. The focus is on the casual, relaxed fit of the pants.
A person stands against a plain background wearing a white, ribbed halter top paired with the brynn short in fresco by Citizens Of Humanity/AGOLDE. They are also wearing black slip-on sandals.
A person stands wearing white CATHERINE Favorite Sweatpant TRIPLE FLEECE capri pants and tan slide sandals, with a navy top partially visible. They are outdoors near a plant and a wooden chair with a striped cushion in a Scottsdale, Arizona bungalow. (Brand Name: Frank & Eileen)
A woman wearing Pistola's Eli High Rise Arched Trouser, white, cropped, wide-leg pants and white sandals, shown from the waist down against a plain background.
A woman stands against a white background, wearing a plain white t-shirt and Mother's The Hustler Ankle Fairest denim jeans, accessorized with brown sandals. She has long blonde hair and a relaxed posture.
A woman standing near an agave plant in Scottsdale, Arizona, wearing Frank & Eileen's Murphy Billion Dollar Pant and black textured flats, with only her lower body visible from waist to feet.
A woman stands facing forward, wearing a plain white t-shirt and gray ASKK chino splatter paint jeans outside a Scottsdale bungalow. She has a neutral expression and her hands are in her pockets.
A woman stands against a plain white background wearing a Pistola Viva Parachute Tank Romper with a front zipper and adjustable waist ties, perfect for an everyday look. She has straight dark hair held back with a headband and is wearing black strappy sandals. She smiles slightly, with her right hand on her hip.
A white Linen Jumper and brown dress on a bungalow wall in Scottsdale, Arizona by Importations Eternelle Inc.
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A woman stands against a plain background, wearing a cream V-neck blouse and matching Avenue Montaigne Lulu Pants with white sandals. Only the lower half of her face is visible, evoking the relaxed elegance of Scottsdale, Arizona.
A woman wearing Avenue Montaigne's Alex Pant and a white T-shirt stands against a plain background in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is also wearing thin-strapped sandals.

Alex Pant

Alex Pant


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A woman in a light blue shirt and cream flared pants stands in a cozy bungalow with a shelving unit filled with books and decorative items. She has a subtle smile and is casually posing with one hand in her pocket wearing Frank & Eileen's GALWAY Gaucho Jean.