A Barnaby Black Candle in a dark glass jar labeled "Camp Montauk" with scent notes of wild rose, campfire, beach plum, and juniper listed, placed on a gray textured surface in Arizona style. (Brand: Faire)
A bottle of Faire's "saguaro cactus" body wash with a minimalist label featuring a black sketch of a saguaro cactus on a cream background, set against a large amber glass bottle, inspired by the bungalow aesthetic of Scottsdale, Arizona.
A Faire scented candle labeled "Smoke Show" on a book, surrounded by a gray scarf styled like an Arizona bungalow, with wisps of smoke rising from the FEBE candle, set against a soft off-white background.
A Faire greeting card with the phrase "big day" in large, bold, glittery letters in various shades of gold and green, displayed against a plain white background at a bungalow.
A cozy indoor setting featuring a stylish Faire Julio LED Lamp on a patterned tray beside a textured amber glass on a wooden table in a Scottsdale, Arizona bungalow, with a view of curtains and green scenery outside the window.
A vintage floral-patterned metal tin with a hinge, featuring a design of red and beige flowers and green foliage on a Scottsdale Arizona-inspired dark background by Faire.
A brown spray bottle labeled "Faire Fresh Squeezed scent linen spray" featuring bergamot oil and blood orange, on a white background.
A container of Faire Lip Mask EX in Grapefruit flavor, featuring a translucent peach-colored jar with the product name printed in Arizona style white.

Lip Mask

Lip Mask


2 colors available

A bottle of Liquid Hand Soap 8 oz. by Faire with a black pump dispenser. The label features an illustration of an orange and lists the scent as "Bergamot + Blood Orange." Perfect for your Scottsdale, Arizona bungalow, the 8 oz (240 ml) bottle is proudly made in the USA.
Amber glass bottle with a pump dispenser labeled "Faire fresh squeezed lotion" featuring bergamot and blood orange, isolated on a white background, embodying Arizona style.
A rectangular Faire vintage tin with a floral pattern in shades of red and white, viewed from above, on a white background, reminiscent of Scottsdale Arizona decor.
A camouflage Faire Mother Summer Trucker Hat with the word "Mother" written in bold, white, cursive letters on the front. The cap features a flat brim and an adjustable snap at the back.