Clare Vivier

A black and white checkered strap designed for shoulder bags or crossbody bags, featuring two solid black leather ends with gold-colored metal hooks and an adjustable buckle. The nylon webbing displays a classic checkered pattern and is styled against a white background. This Crossbody Strap by Clare Vivier combines both functionality and style perfectly.
A beige shoulder bag with a woven texture is shown against a white background. It features a zipper closure on the top, gold hardware, and two small loops on the sides for the detachable strap. The **Grande Fanny Woven Checker** by **Clare Vivier** has a half-moon shape, offering both style and compactness.
A small Grande Fanny Zig-Zag shoulder bag in shades of orange and white, featuring a zipper closure and an adjustable strap, displayed against a white background, designed by Clare Vivier.
A small handwoven brown Clare Vivier Midi Sac with a zip top and a thin leather strap, displayed against an isolated white background.
A brown handwoven leather shoulder bag with a bright yellow-green vertical stripe in the center. The rectangular crossbody bag, Claire Vivier Midi Sack, has a detachable strap with gold-tone clasps and a zipper closure on top. The background is plain white, making it perfect for day-to-night use.
A black and white checkered crochet Petit Moyen Woven Checker shoulder bag from Clare Vivier with a black leather handle and gold hardware. The bag features a zip closure, handwoven leather details, and a detachable crossbody strap. The design creates a stylish, modern look.
A small, rectangular shoulder bag with a black and beige checkered pattern on the front. It features a black crossbody strap attached at the top corners and a black trim around the edges. The background is plain white. This is the Poche by Clare Vivier.
A close-up image of a Clare Vivier Shortie Strap with a tortoiseshell pattern. The strap features interlocking oval links in shades of brown and amber, with gold-colored rectangular clasps at each end. Brass spring links ensure it easily attaches to any bag. The strap is arranged in a semi-circular shape against a plain white background.
A blue, chunky resin chain strap measuring 17" long features brass spring links and gold-colored clasps at both ends, laid out in a curved shape against a plain white background. This is the Shortie Strap by Clare Vivier.
A woman wearing a Suzette Dress Blue & Cream Stripe w/ Sardine from Clare Vivier, with Arizona-style red shoes and sunglasses, posing confidently with hands on hips against a plain white background.