Our Stylists

linda criswell 
12 things I love: 

    • People that make me laugh 
    • Being blonde 
    • Barefoot year-round. I hate socks & the feeling of being confined 
    • My bed dressed with a sheep skin mattress pad and a silk duvet
    • A vase of colored pencils – like a little bouquet for your desk 
    • Vintage treasures I’ve picked up travelling
    • My Golden Retriever, Milly
    • The sound of the wind through the pine trees at my cabin
    • The wisdom that comes with age
    • Red wine while cooking 
    • Music over TV, any day! 
    • Handmade textiles, preferably vintage  

Email me: linda@bungalowfurniture.com


alicia flatin 
12 things I love:

    • Grey cashmere sweaters, denim cutoff’s, Love Quotes scarves and Ugg’s…year round!
    • Black & white photography gallery wall
    • Kilian Tempt Me fragrance
    • Goyard totes
    • Boating. Big or small, I love them all!
    • My Cartier Gold Love bracelet – 20 years with the love of my life
    • Baking – I bake nearly every weekend
    • Stacks and stacks of coffee table books
    • My Leica & taking pics of my twin boys
    • My mom’s cooking
    • Golden Goose cowboy boots
    • Summers at the lake in Minnesota

Email me: alicia@bungalowfurniture.com


abby simms
12 things I love:
    • Cooking dinner with my husband
    • Collecting vintage finds for a gallery wall
    • It's a 10 miracle leave-in product
    • A crisp all white bed
    • My Wildfox sunglasses. They have stars on the frames!
    • A big stack of books
    • My cat, Chloe!
    • Fresh flowers
    • Sunsets at the beach
    • Polaroids from our wedding day
    • Travelling somewhere new
    • The smell of an Arizona rain

Email me: abby@bungalowfurniture.com


ann rodarte
12 things I love:
    • Rick, Cris, Tony & Brandon
    • Blue & white Chinese pottery in every room
    • Alfresco dining – anytime, anyplace
    • Beautiful old churches of Spanish Missions
    • My CP Shades white woven
    • Any animal print pillow
    • My grandmother’s squash blossom necklace
    • Happy hour in our courtyard with family & friends
    • Walls filled with western art
    • Spending time with happy, positive people
    • Layering family treasures with new favorites from bungalow!
    • Kuba cloth throws on sofas, beds, or anywhere to add just the right amount of color

Email me: ann@bungalowfurniture.com


sass buick
12 things I love:

    • My lovely home – it makes me happy
    • Cold watermelon on a hot day
    • Spring – I fill my home with tulips & daffodils
    • Architectural Digest, no matter what year!
    • My signed Jonathan Adler pieces
    • The first cup of coffee in the morning – a great Kona blend
    • Walking barefoot on the beaches in Hawaii
    • A spa day with the works
    • Sushi
    • Any Art museum or gallery
    • Road trips
    • That quiet time at the end of the day to give thanks for all that I have

Email me: sass@bungalowfurniture.com



jeff furtado
12 things I love:

    • Classic Converse with jeans or a Ralph Lauren suit
    • Abercrombie & Fitch #8 Cologne
    • My vintage art collection
    • Colored ribbon belts from Ralph Lauren & J.Crew for the summer
    • Blue & white chinese pottery
    • Grey Goose dirty martini – up with 2 olives
    • California
    • Black & white movies from the 40′s & 50′s
    • Home magazines, especially House Beautiful
    • My cat Cleo, who is now living in my favorite vintage blue & white jar
    • Fresh pink peonies on my coffee table
    • McDonald’s coffee

Email me: jeff@bungalowfurniture.com


sara miller
12 things I love:

    • Hermes 24 Faubourg
    • Soft Linen Bedding
    • Traveling with my husband
    • Dan, Corey, Jake, Wesley and Anna
    • The smell of Easter Lilies
    • Old Gumps china
    • Visiting family in Pacific Grove in the fall
    • I love hiking Spur Cross in spring when the wild flowers bloom
    • Thanksgiving because it’s just about being thankful and good food
    • CP Shades cotton boyfriend shirts
    • A home with beautiful views
    • A buttery bottle of chardonnay

Email me: sara@bungalowfurniture.com



robyn tyson
12 things I love:

    • The mountains
    • Impromptu evenings with friends
    • Bright yellow sunflowers
    • Soaking up the desert scenery at sunset
    • Cuddling up in my comfy bed—soft sheets, a matelasse duvet filled with a down comforter
    • My favorite pair of ripped up raw edge ankle jeans
    • Mixing styles, textures, and colors
    • Helping others to declutter and organize
    • Creating colorful arrangements with wildflowers
    • Blue and white pottery
    • Teaching art lessons to young children
    • Playing in a cold mountain spring with my kids

Email me: robyn@bungalowfurniture.com


maggy slater
12 things i love:
    • Bossa Bova, my fave genre of music
    • Perusing the beauty aisles
    • Drinking iced tea on a hot afternoon
    • Listening to podcasts while getting ready
    • Vision boards & manifesting
    • The feeling when you connect instantly with someone.
    • Palm trees against a stunning sunset
    • Learning about others passions
    • Poolside with chips & Guac, a straw hat & my bikini
    • A day trip to Palm Springs
    • Spanish bungalows 
    • Fresh pedicures  so nice

Email me: maggy@bungalowfurniture.com