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Zahra (formerly the afterglow)

Zahra (formerly the afterglow)


About The Zahra



Zahra is an oil-based face serum formulated from organic or wild-crafted foundational oils and highly active botanicals to nourish, balance, brighten, protect and hydrate the skin. Zahra is an antioxidant & anti-aging powerhouse packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids. **Color may vary based upon local harvesting.

Good for: All skin types, particularly mature and sensitive skin.

Concern: Anti-aging, acne or inflammation, dry skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone.



  • plumps and hydrates dehydrated skin

  • balances sebum production

  • fights free radicals, sun and environmental damage

  • stimulates cell turnover

  • encourages collagen production

  • brightens skin and lightens dark spots and discoloration

  • calms and soothes sensitive and acne-prone skin

  • inhibits melanin production minimizing dark spots from acne and scarring

  • Intoxicating blend of botanicals provides curative aromatic properties.