Dictionary Meaning Candle - Family

Dictionary Meaning Candle - Family


We love our Dictionary Meaning Candles! We think they are a little bit special and look super cool. So many meanings to choose from, and they make for the perfect gift. 


"family- Your favorite people whom you can dream, laugh and play together with, those who can count on always, circle of trust."


scent profile 

Byron Bay - Bringing you warm natural vibes to your tribe, with a creamy blend of almond milk and coconut milk. This offers a subtle scent of vanilla with sweet almond, warming caramel and a mild twist of coconut. 


additional details

Australian Made + Hand Poured soy candles

Amber Jar candles are made from recycled bottles to support sustainable living and matched with signature custom raw wooden lid.

eco-friendly, non-toxic cotton wicks to help you create your calming candle rituals.

260g of creamy, pure and renewable soy + candle wax, blended with Australian made fine fragrances oils and enriched with essentials oils.

Enjoy 40 hours of bliss.