Transformation Facial Kit
Transformation Facial Kit

Transformation Facial Kit


Product Description

A Fear-Free Peel and masking experience produces immediately visible improvement in texture, tone, and hydration.

Skin Authority


This professionally guided Fear Free Peel™ and masking experience will reveal fresh, healthy skin and improve texture, tone, and radiance. Expect only professional results from this treatment kit:

  • Reveal fresh, healthy cells, and improve texture, tone, and radiance.
  • Uses our exclusive Fear Free Peel technology for quick, safe, results.
  • Visibly reduce lines around your forehead, eyes, and mouth.
  • Enhance collagen for firmer more luminous looking skin.

This kit contains all the products you need for your treatment in-home:

  • Daily Cleanser, 1.0 fl oz
  • Clarifying Liquid Peel, 0.5 fl oz
  • Calming Mask, 0.7 fl oz
  • Vitamin A Cell Renewal, 0.7 fl oz
  • Daily Defense Moisturizer, 0.05 fl oz

Let our PROS guide you and experience the ultimate results:

GO ONE-ON-ONE with a Skin Authority PRO. Set-up a time to do your facial with a Skin Authority facial. 

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